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API endpoints



  "imageUrl": "https://www.careergirls.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Astronaut_1920x1080.jpg",
  "firstname": "John",
  "lastname": "Clark",
  "company": "</br>Attempting </br>the Impossible?",
  "text": "  <span class=\"firstname\">{{firstname}} </span>\n  <span class=\"text\">\n{{company}}   </span>\n  \n \n  <style>\n    .firstname {\n      font-weight: ;\n      text-transform: ;\n    }\n    .text, .firstname {\n        text-align: left;\n    }\n  </style>\n  ",
  "textSize": 42,
  "activeFontFamily": "Barlow",
  "lineHeight": 43,
  "textColor": "#e6e6e6",
  "offsetX": 32,
  "offsetY": 95,
  "subject": "{{firstname}}, It's time to crack your leadgen 🔥",
  "redirection": "https://uclic.co",
  "key": "",

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