¿Qué es Linked Helper 2 y cómo puede ayudarle?

LinkedIn is one of the top solutions that you can use in order to connect with like-minded business professionals and establish a large network. It’s a great platform to use if you want to connect with potential leads, while also making it easy for you to expand your business in the market. It’s not that simple to reach lots of potential leads through LinkedIn manually, especially if you are sending cold messages. That’s where Linked Helper 2 and Uclic come into play.

What is Linked Helper 2?

Linked Helper 2 is an automation software designed to help you to automate the process of optimizing and boosting your LinkedIn profile. It comes as a standalone desktop application that works locally on your PC like a smart browser, imitating human behaviour.

It’s important to know that the learning curve of Linked Helper 2 is not as steep as we expected it to be, but once we got the idea of how to adjust it we could easily customize and automate many things in order to make it work as per our wish. 

What can you use Linked Helper 2 for?

That all depends on what you are interested in. Normally, the app can be great if you want to expand your network with new connections and Linked Helper is the perfect tool for inviting: you are not limited to inviting your 2nd or 3rd connections as it is also possible to invite your 1st connections to join a group which you are a member of, invite your 1st connections to events, or invite them to follow your company page provided that you are an admin and able to do that manually. 

One of the major features of Linked Helper 2 is the fact it has fully automated workflows which can be customized as per your needs. For example, you can warm up your leads a bit by following them first, then in a day invite them to become your first connections, and, once your invitation is accepted, send a “Thank you for connection” message right away. In a week or two you can endorse a couple of their skills and a bit later invite them to participate in the event your company organized.

You can organize several campaigns to run one after another, so Linked Helper will be inviting specific targeted lists of your audience on the same day without the need to manually divide those after the invitation in order to send different follow-up messages to different groups. Linked Helper will do that automatically itself. This works great, and it always brings in a sense of value and benefits every time. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s possible to manage several LinkedIn accounts from within one Linked Helper Launcher on one PC (the only thing to care about is separate IP addresses, but the guide on managing multiple LinkedIn accounts covers this question). This is a great feature for agencies that render growth hacking / leads generation / personal brand building services. Even if you are a startup or a small team of sales, you can adapt this feature to optimize processes in your company, i.e. when one person is managing several LinkedIn accounts of colleagues and their campaigns in Linked Helper 2, others are creating content, negotiating the conditions when it comes to the deal, etc., so every person does what he / she can do best without wasting the time and effort on what can be and should be (I presume you agree with me here) automated.

You can prepare campaigns, collect profiles, insert the desired message template, start Linked Helper 2 and just wait for the results. You won’t ever cancel the Linked Helper 2 account because this helps you save time and effort. Automating all these tasks really delivers the value you need, and it’s well worth it.

Other important Linked Helper 2 features

According to our Linked Helper 2 review experience, they have a great integration with mailing systems. You may want to create a group of leads and then send messages to the 1st-degree connections both via Linkedin and email in parallel. This makes it easier than ever to reach your connections via email and share the type of content they are all interested in. This works very nicely, and it brings a sense of value and quality.

It could happen that you want to delete some profiles out of your circle, for example, if you changed the job and now work in a different industry. Linked Helper can do that as well. Of course, this makes sense only if you often do broadcasts to everybody in your constantly growing network. There is no need in deleting connections if you send such message campaigns once a year as the tool has its own built-in CRM with tags and filters available on all levels that help you manage your leads and exclude those you’d like to avoid in new campaigns. 

With Linked Helper you can withdraw sent pending invitations if they are not accepted. This is helpful when you want to avoid any issues with LinkedIn limiting your account in terms of sending invitations, since as you very well know, it’s against LinkedIn User Agreement to invite those you do not know.

Collecting and extracting contacts

When you want to use Linked Helper 2, one of the main draws is definitely the fact that you can acquire contacts from a vast range of different places of LinkedIn like My Network page in LinkedIn, Project page in Recruiter, or Saved leads list in Sales Navigator, etc. 

Being able to collect all the data of your potential customers and then put it in the CSV format does help a lot. You can even export emails of your 1st connections or even try to export emails of your 2nd and 3rd connections via the workaround mentioned here. It makes it easier to build a fully targeted mailing list on the topic that you are interested in. 

Then there’s also the possibility to endorse your 1st connections in 3 different modes. Personalization is key here, you don’t want to get in touch with all your new connections the same way. Bringing in a different approach always helps, it brings in a sense of value and connectivity, while also pushing success to the next level. That’s the approach which matters the most, since you can fully adapt the way you work in an appropriate manner.

How much does it cost?

If you want to use Linked Helper 2 and automate many of these LinkedIn features, then it makes a lot of sense to give the 14-day trial a shot. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect and the features you can obtain from it. However, if you want to use this app after the trial is over, then at the moment of writing this article you have to pay $15 per month to access everything. Considering the overall costs of other solutions, it’s important to give this one a try since it’s rather affordable. 

The Linked Helper 2 downloading and installing for the trial is very simple, and you can initiate and use the app in no time. Since the app comes with a great Help Center where you find lots of articles and tutorials that contain almost everything about Linked Helper, you can easily get the idea of what each function (or Action as they call it) exactly do and how to adjust their settings, how to customize your workflow to reach your business goal, some tips and workarounds, etc.

Creating smart messages chains

One of the main reasons why you want to use Linked Helper 2 is the fact that it can help you create smart message chains. The program allows you to build drip campaigns of several follow-up messages in certain time intervals with a reply detection which will be sending replied profiles to your CRM via Zapier or webhook integration if you so desire.

You can personalize message templates in Linked Helper 2 in order to enhance the acceptance rate. Adding built-in or custom variables will help a lot, especially when accompanied with the use of IF THEN ELSE clauses, because it gives you more control, and the value itself is among some of the best every time.

As far as we understood, the number of follow-ups is not limited at all (but we doubt you will be able to send 68 follow-ups and still be considered as a sane person). This, combined with the fact that you can export contacts to CSV, makes it easy for you to create a large contact database that you can use on social media and outside that without worries. 

Send custom images with LinkedHelper

Sending personalized messages is great! We propose you to realize an even more original and powerful prospecting. You’ve probably already received emails with custom images, now it’s possible to do the same thing on social networks with Uclic and Linked Helper 2. It’s easy and very effective for lead generation.

Use the link generated by Uclic

Insert the link generated by Uclic in LinkedHelper’s message

Important: please, note that the Uclic uses a variable with two pairs of curved brackets, while the Linked Helper variable has only one pair of curved brackets:

So you need to adjust the variable according to the way Linked Helper uses it, i.e. deleting extra curved brackets:

When the warning disappears, then it means you are good to go, but it’s always better to preview the message.

The result of the message, that’s a game changer!

When the person clicks on the link, it will lead him / her on your customized landing page with his / her first name or other information (provided that you’ve integrated Ulcic and your adjusted landing page)!

Lots of different templates

With help from Linked Helper 2, you will find it easier to create messaging sequences and find ways to approach new leads. What this means is that you can take built-in campaign templates and then you can easily customize them based on the leads in question, or even duplicate the campaign in one click to use the same workflow (including Actions’ settings and message templates) for the second group of profiles from another industry. It’s a time-saving feature that works flawlessly. Instead of writing everything from the scratch, you get the prepared campaign and that’s it. The great thing about this is that you have a starting point and then you just customize and adapt everything the way you want. It’s a nice approach and one that makes a lot of sense when you need to send a lot of similar messages to different groups of people.

Setting action limits

Since Linked Helper 2 is an automation tool, you can easily automate everything, but you can also set smart action limits. All the limits are designed from the ground up to help you fully adapt and customize the process the way you want to use it. Not only you eliminate excuses and challenges, but you make everything more convenient.

Sending free InMails

Thanks to Linked Helper 2, you get the opportunity to send not only paid InMails to  the 2nd and also 3rd level contacts, but free InMails as well. All you need to do is to collect 2nd or 3rd-degree profiles, get those who have Open link status via built-in filter and delete the rest (which would be extremely hard to do on your own without automation) and then send them the needed InMail for free. This provides you with a new way of getting leads without inviting them as not every person accepts the invitation. It just makes a lot of sense to do something like this, and the results themselves will be great every time. 

Is Linked Helper 2 safe to use?

Many people use this type of tool in order to automate the mundane activities on the platform. That’s especially true for people that work in business development and recruitment. When you want to use Linked Helper 2, the first thing arising in mind is whether this is a safe tool or not. As per their article, Linked Helper 2 works like a smart browser locally on your computer. It imitates human behaviour not only by making random pauses between each step, by limiting your daily actions to the reasonable amount, etc., but also by clicking the buttons and navigating to the profile page via LinkedIn search like a real person would do! Just collect profiles from Basic LinkedIn and start visiting them on the LinkedIn platform to check yourself.

A tool like Linked Helper 2 encourages users to be more committed to this platform. The tool itself is claimed to be not detectable, but if you send a vast amount of irrelevant messages or do a huge amount of invitations in a short period of time, then others can report you, which is why you really need to connect with the targeted people in your industry / niche and reach high quality leads with relevant offers. If you use this for spammy reasons, you can get in trouble.


One thing is certain, Linked Helper 2 is one of those tools that will help you implement a multitude of ways for you to expand your reach and generate new leads online. It’s definitely the type of tool that takes a bit of getting used to, but the quality is great and it does bring in an astonishing value for money. You won’t need a credit card for the trial period and they won’t charge you automatically, so you can test it out with the free trial and buy a one-month license when you need more leads and customers or buy longer licenses every 3 / 6 / 12 months to get a lower price. Overall, it can help you expand your growth on LinkedIn, and it has the potential to grow your circle and boost your sales too. 

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