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How to cold message someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform if you want to generate a lot of leads and customers. It might not seem like a lot at first, but with the right cold message and the right structure, you can grab the attention of many people. However, cold messaging on LinkedIn is a double-edged sword. Sometimes you can get lucky and everyone will reply. But there will also be times without any reply. You just need to understand the pros and cons of such a situation and just move onward even if there are any rejections. 

Does cold messaging on LinkedIn really work?

Absolutely, it has the potential to help you a lot because it brings in a great exposure, while also eliminating many potential downsides. You will get to initiate a positive connection, and in the long run this can bring you amazing success. Of course, that doesn’t mean any outreach effort will be a success on LinkedIn. Yet more often than not, people on LinkedIn are willing to connect with others, as long as there are common points. 

There are some things to consider here. If you want to cold message people on LinkedIn, you will need to message them and that means purchasing InMail credits or you must be a LinkedIn Premium member. Considering that you want to connect with a lot of people, going for LinkedIn Premium is a very good idea, as it has many other benefits too. You can send messages for free, however you are limited to 300 characters and the recipient can decline your message without even reading.

Use a personalized LinkedIn outreach service

Maybe the best way to cold message someone on LinkedIn is to rely on the use of a dedicated outreach service with its own lead machine. Uclic is such a service and it’s built from the ground up to give you the efficiency and results you always wanted. The system is designed to offer you a fast and efficient way to connect with cold LinkedIn leads and show them the true value that you can provide. You can send super personalized messages on LinkedIn and offer people a way to see that you understand who they are.

Personalization maters a lot on LinkedIn, and once you send personalized content to a potential lead, they will connect with you. That’s where the power of communicating one to one really comes into play, and it will bring in those results that you are interested in. That alone can really make a huge difference in the long term. 

Uclic will also help you customize your landing page that you use to introduce your services to, and that will bring in better content and value for the visitor. The system itself is very simple, you get to create custom images in seconds, then you establish a professional landing page which is fully personalized to the person in question. Once that is done, you insert the personalized in the LinkedIn messages for the utmost success. It’s a great approach and you will be very impressed with how well it works.

Since Uclic is really simple to implement and use, you will have no problem creating as many personalized landing pages as you want. You can imagine that people become a lot more curious when they see a personalized page with their name. That boosts your cold messaging success, and it’s exactly what will make you stand out of the crowd in a clever manner.

Want to stand out with your LinkedIn message? Find a common ground. 

This is a great starting point, and you can use the LinkedIn profile to your advantage this way. The main focus is to check the educational background, work history, job role, interests and many others. Scan through the information and then check to see if there is any type of common ground. You will spark interest if you talk with someone that actually has something in common with you. Of course, every message needs to be targeted, personalized. You shouldn’t use the same message for all those leads.

If you do so, they will notice the message is not personal and that can lead to a variety of issues. Implement the right approach here and really focus on making things personal and more interesting. That alone can indeed be worth the effort if you manage everything adequately. 

Try to find a mutual connection

This is a bit harder to do, because you will need to find someone that person already knows and which can introduce them to you. It’s possible to cold message someone that knows your main target, and they might introduce you after some emails. So yes, the potential is there, but this approach doesn’t always work. 

It’s a good idea to harness the mutual connections because you never really know where the best approach might strike. As long as you know what you are getting into and what approach works, that will impress more than you imagine. 

Avoid focusing on sales

It’s very easy to go into the trap of selling your product via cold messaging. But don’t focus on such a thing. If you do so, you will lose the interest of that recipient very quickly. Your primary focus has to be on introducing yourself, while also having a personalized page ready for the customer. That’s why using a service like Uclic really helps, because it makes the introduction very professional and it will help generate a lot more interest for what you have to offer. It’s definitely going to be worth it! 

All your LinkedIn messages should be short and sweet

What you need to avoid is sending a very long message. The truth is that people don’t have time to read long messages. They will most likely skim through and if they see a part that’s not interesting, they will just treat the message as spam. That’s why you need to make sure your messages are as short as possible. When you send a short message, your content is a lot more appealing. If you have a short message, the recipient will not waste a lot of time replying, since your inquiry is simple and to the point. That’s what you want to go for, and the results themselves can be second to none if you do it right. 

A little flattery goes a long way

It’s a good idea to show the recipient that you are indeed impressed by their achievements. Of course, you don’t want to focus on that, but if you mention it, this clearly shows you paid attention. Once people see that, they will be more than willing to reply to your message. Don’t expect a very positive reply from every recipient even if you go for a little flattery. But the truth is that it never hurts. You just go ahead and try to see if it works, and the results themselves can be very well worth the effort in the end.

Avoid sharing any attachments

Attachments are usually considered spam, especially when it comes to cold messaging. This is how phishing attacks are done, so a lot of people are wary when they receive attachments from others they don’t know. The approach here is to avoid using any type of attachment. Instead, you want to introduce yourself, talk about yourself and what you can offer, how you can help and other stuff like that. It will be worth it if you stick with such an approach, because it will help immensely.

Give before you receive something

A good way to connect via cold messaging is to share something even before you get anything from them. You could share one of their posts on your feed or anything similar. This immediately shows that you are interested in what they are doing and that alone can be a great entry point. It’s important to think outside the box and really focus on generating success with any tool that you have available.

Include a reason to make them reply

The best thing that you can do is to finish with a question. This will be enticing and it will encourage people to reply to you. of course, you can ask for something that only a person in their position will know. What most of us don’t realize is that people like to help others, so asking for some expertise in the field or assistance on a certain topic might actually make them reply.


As you can see, cold messaging someone on LinkedIn is not always the easiest thing to do. But with the right tips and tricks presented above and a service like Uclic, you will finally be able to use all these things to your own advantage. Is it going to be easy to generate leads and customers on LinkedIn? No, but with a good approach and the right cold messaging strategy you can make it work. Use these tips and tricks, then you will be impressed with the results!

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