Hyperise vs Nexweave vs Uclic: Which is the best sales funnel creation tool?

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Generating a great sales funnel is very important, but the truth is that most of the time you can’t reach the desired customers properly, and that can be a problem. Which is where tools like Uclic, Nexweave and Hyperise come into play. But which one is the best here, and why should you use any of them to reach your customer base and offer them great deals? Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.


Hyperise is a personalization tool created for marketers, and the idea is to design dynamic images. Then you can go ahead and enrich the images with around 16 different personalization points. The great thing here is that you can use dynamic images with chatbots, marketing platforms, CRM, CMS and email, among others. The idea here is to send personalized image ads to your customer base, while still coming up with something dynamic, unique and more appealing.

Versatile and adaptable 

On top of that, you can also add these dynamic images as a CTA to web pages. You can thus bridge the gap between emails and web pages as you try to optimize your sales funnel. It’s always important to have images that grab the customer attention and which bring in a lot of value and a very good experience. As long as you do that, you will be fine.


The app itself does cost quite a bit, it’s $41 per month for the starter pack, then you can pay $166 per month for the growth pack of $416 per month for the Agency pack that delivers up to 100k impressions, data enrichments and it also covers unlimited live image templates. 

It’s important to note that despite being overly expensive, Hyperise does integrate many different email marketing solutions like click mapping, spam checking, social media and even remarketing ads, as well as pre-designed templates which are a pleasure to use.

Long, hard to read links

One of the problems with Hyperise is the fact that it has long and ineligible links. It will take a bit to understand what the link is about. On top of that, some customers might think these links are spam. They don’t look professional, and that will most likely turn some people away.

Data grabbing

This tool helps you enrich your data and pull prospects from your CRM, enrich emails with job titles, full name and even profile icons. The enriched data is added to your images and website. Personalization is key when it comes to generating sales, so Hyperise can be a great tool.

No trial version or API solutions

However, if you want to test out Hyperise, you can’t do that. They don’t have a free plan, so the only way to test out the service is to subscribe for at least a month. Keep in mind that monthly pricing is more expensive when compared to yearly prices, so it’s important to think about that when you want to check it out. They also don’t provide API solutions. The lack of a few important features makes Hyperise a bit too pricey for what it offers, but you do have 3 different plans you can go for based on your needs.


The truth is that personalization is key whenever people are shopping online. With help from Nexweave you can easily create great interactive, dynamic videos fore any field. That means you can use this tool for ecommerce, real estate, even online gaming and everything in between. It totally works and that alone does bring in a vast range of benefits that you will appreciate and enjoy.

Great integration with marketing tools

Nexweave also has complete integration with the most common email, CMS, ecommerce, collaboration solutions and many others. That gives you more value and control, while still eliminating concerns and being able to focus on getting the ultimate experience. 

Price points

The amount of money you can pay for Nexweave differs based on what type of video you want done. You can enroll now and get 100 credits for free. If you want 500 credits for a video that’s around a minute, complete with email support, you pay $49 per month. However, if you want 5000 credits and up to 90 second HD videos as well as a customer success manager, you have to pay $249. This is rather expensive, considering a single credit is consumed when a customer sees it or 20 customers see 20 image experiences.


One of the best tools you can use for email and sales funnel personalization is definitely Uclic. What makes this tool great is the fact that you can easily generate leads by sending super personalized messages on LinkedIn. On top of that, you can also write emails that have hyper customized images, not to mention you can establish personalized messages on Facebook.

Doubling the conversion rates

If you customize your emails and messages online and on social media, Uclic can actually help you double the conversion rates for your landing page. That’s because you have a fully personalized landing page, you can easily have a personalized call to action and all the tools needed to generate sales fast and easy. It just doesn’t get any better than this, which is why you have to test out this tool and deliver the ultimate value and experience.

Very easy to use

The way Uclic works is also very simple. You perform bulk custom image creation with just a click. The same thing can be said about the landing page, it’s done really fast. Plus, you can then insert the personalized landing page or image in your sequences and then you earn a lot of money. It’s convenient and simple, it delivers the ultimate quality, and the experience shines every time. 

Landing page customization

Every landing page can be fully customized with the prospect information. That means it’s a lot easier for you to generate customers, since your lead will have the content fully customized for them once they reach your page. When someone sees fully personalized content, they are more inclined to buy something. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to use this approach when you want to sell products online, because customers enjoy the idea of seeing a special offer with their name on them. It makes them feel special, and it’s well worth it in the end! 


Cost-wise, Uclic is very affordable. Depending on the amount of personalized links you need, you will pay $10, $20 or more depending on your needs. It’s the most affordable option on the market if you want to create personalized landing pages and bring in more exposure for your business.

Which is the best tool?

Hyperise looks great and it has amazing functions, but it’s extremely expensive and it will take a long time to recoup the investment. Nexweave has a rather hard to use interface, and it’s not as friendly as other solutions. Uclic is the best option if you want to create great personalized links and landing pages to boost your exposure and growth. 

The advantage Uclic has over the other tools is that it’s very affordable, easy to use and with a simple interface. You also have a custom Turbo plan where you can choose how many links you want to pay for. If you want an affordable personalization solution, then Uclic is the right one you need, and you should definitely consider giving it a shot, since it has a free version for you to use today!

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